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Spectacular Petacular 2009

Again this year, the Queensland Cockatiel Breeders Society Inc attended the 2009 Spectacular Petacular with the aim of promoting our club and Cockatiels in general.

It was a fantastic turnout to the event as well as a great day for the club as a whole.  We sold all of our showbags over the two days with the added bonus of signing up new members as well at the same time.  To all of you who joined - "Welcome to the Queensland Cockatiel Breeders Society Inc. where you will get all the support and dedication you need as well as having heaps of fun".

There was also a bird show held where any person of a club or the general public where able to bench their birds.  No members of the Queensland Cockatiel Breeders Society Inc benched birds in this event.  As a club, we have special days allocated where our members are able to bench their birds and be judged by our standard.  Cockatiel standards vary from club to club and us benching birds in our own shows makes sure we are breeding birds to our standard and improving their quality as captive cockatiels.

A big thankyou goes out to the following sponsors for their outstanding contributions on the day:-  The Pet Directory, Crest Seeds, Pet City Mt Gravatt.  Without sponsors like yourselves, we wouldn't have such a successful club in just over a year.  Once again, thank you all.



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